What Is Hypermiling?

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Here are some hypermiling techniques that will help you save money on gas, even if you don’t have a hybrid or electric car. Hypermiling is a technique used when driving to make your car go further with less gas. In other words, it’s a way to drive to cut back on the fuel your car consumes, therefore; getting a higher miles per gallon (MPG) rating.

You may think you are already doing all you can to cut costs such as watching the gas prices at the pumps and combining few short trips into one long trip. But there are some things that will always be out of your control. You can’t control how far your job is or how far the grocery store is when you take you car. Chances are, it may not be possible during this time to change to a job which is closer.

It’s just not realistic to blow off certain things like picking up the kids, running errands, taking kids to school, and grocery shopping. Also, carpooling isn’t always so practical and can seem like such of a hassle sometimes. How many times have you been at work and were ready to leave, but your carpool still had work to finish up? Or the other way around: you don’t want to keep them waiting because you’re swamped. Or another realistic situation is you could stop on the way home to pick up groceries, but your carpool buddy needs to be home or at a certain place and certain time. Carpooling is just very inconvenient a lot of times.

So the clear answer is use hypermiling techniques to reduce the amount of gas your car consumes. Anyone can us hypermiling techniques, regardless of the kind of car they are driving. Gas prices aren’t going to even stay down and wages aren’t going to increase by a whole lot soon.

What’s the reason why hypermiling has become so popular lately?
With the recent increases in gas prices and people pinching their pennies a little tighter, hypermiling has become more of a lifestyle than just a trend. Consumers aren’t happy with piling on more debt onto their credit cards with gas prices looming and also because of the recession.

Hypermiling has provided a free and common sense way to get some relief at the pumps. It’s not something high techy, time consuming, or anything frustrating. It can be implemented right away and see results instantly. See specific hypermiling techniques on the other page on this site.

Hypermiling provides an added benefit as well besides just saving money at the pimp. Most of the techniques and tips presented will hypermiling also make you a safer driver. It does this by decreasing your risk of having an accident. You’ll learn some of these hypermiling techniques such as staying at a constant speed and keeping a few car lengths distance to the car in front of you.