What Is A Carbon Footprint

What is a Carbon Footprint?
A certain amount of greenhouse gas is emitted by people, place or almost anything there is. Greenhouse gasses are gasses that contribute to the overall temperature of our planet; in general it helps keep our planet warm. Due to an increase in the accumulation if Greenhouse gasses, through Chlorofluorocarbons or CFC’s, heat that is supposed to be reflected back into space is retained and redirected back to earth causing a more significant rise in our planet’s temperature. The total or overall emission of greenhouse gasses in a particular event, occasion, company or product is called a carbon footprint.

Due to the rise of international concerns with regards to the emission of these harmful gasses, the establishment of protocols has been made. One of these protocols requires the quantification of each country’s carbon footprint through the assessment of each nation’s Greenhouse gas emission. These agreements were established because the need to regulate and develop ways to lessen each country’s carbon footprint is very essential, before matters get worse and we suffer severe climate change.

As of now, the leading countries of the world have been addressing certain products like paper, plastic, synthetic materials as well as the burning of coal as potential factors that increase the overall carbon footprint. In other countries, they have conducted studies in order to estimate carbon footprints of companies, energy sources, restaurants, factories and even of food. These studies in general were conducted in order to better grasp an understanding of which areas contribute to a greater bulk in their country’s carbon footprint and which sectors emit a huge number of greenhouse gasses.

Recently the Kyoto protocol has been able to legally create a well defined agreement so each nation under this protocol will have legal bindings and agree upon a specific time table to start cutting their carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions thus also lowering their overall carbon footprint. This protocol has allowed many nations to promote and undergo a huge change in power generation. As we all know, the burning of fossil fuel is still currently the leading source of generating electricity in many countries, it is also undoubtedly the leading cause of increase in each nation’s carbon footprint. The protocol however has enabled many to go for much eco friendly sources of energy such as nuclear power plants, wind energy, and geothermal power plants in order to generate electricity for their cities and provinces.

I believe that each of us should be aware of what a carbon footprint is. Since the global information dissemination, people have become more aware of its implications and of what we can do to help lower it. Currently minor activities such as low carbon footprint parties, or products that have less chlorofluorocarbons, as well as the sale of hybrid vehicles have been slowly integrated in the market and in main stream society. Find out about what you can do to lessen your carbon footprint and help people be more aware today.