Tesla Motors S

Tesla Motors S
The Tesla Motors S (called the Model S) is probably one of the first electric cars to actually look freakin’ cool! I believe Tesla Motors was named after Nikola Tesla who was a major contributor to the birth of commercial electricitiy.

But back to this amazing car: The Tesla Motors S seats a whoppin’ 7 people comfortably (5 adults and two children: from the pictures it looks like its 2 in the front and I don’t know how they fit 5 in the back). This sedan looks larger than more sedans and it’s twice as efficient as just a hybrid car.

There are 3 battery packs to choose from depending on your price level. The 120V battery offers a range of 160 miles before needing a charge and starts at $49.900. There is a 240V battery and 480V battery giving you the range of 230 or 300 miles, respectively. You can actually swap the batteries in about 5 minutes and 300 miles can get you to San Francisco to Los Angeles, or Washington to New York with just one charge.

The price of $50k is a bit expensive but imagine the amount of fuel you’ll save. Let’s do a quick calculation and we’ll get back to the Tesla Motors S. If you spend about $40 to fill up your tank a week, and drive everyday to work, there are 52 weeks in a year (52 multiplied by $50 = $2,600 a year). After about 10 years, you’ll have almost half paid off the car at $26,000. Also having an extra $2,600 to spend a year would sure do a lot more for vacations and trips.

The Tesla Motors S is bad-ass. It can haul ass from 0-60 mph in just 5.6 seconds. Comes with a 17-inch touch-screen inside the car which the Tesla calls: Infotainment. It has the capacity to hold what SUVs and minivans can hold with it’s 60/40 flat folding rear seat. The trunk opens as a hatch so you’ll be able to fit a mountain bike, 50-inch flat screen television, or even a full drum set.

The styling of this pure electric Tesla Motors S is absolutely gorgeous. It looks part Jaguar and part Lexus with a touch of Aston Martin. Deliveries start in 2011, so you better reserve one soon. I know that I’m definitely interested in an electric car, so why not get something that actually looks good.