Solar Panels How To Build

solar-panels-how-to-buildHere I will give step-by-step instructions on solar panels how to build them from scratch and without needing any expertise in the area. It’s actually pretty easy to do and fun at the same time. First, let me start off with a list of things you need to get, either from the hardware store or if you can find it for cheap or free (when people throw them out).

Solar Panels How To Build

But before we get into that, let’s take a quick assessment of your house and if solar panels are for you. Are you getting enough sunlight in your area? You’ll need to consider the amount of sunlight you get and if it will be blocked by clouds, surrounding trees, buildings, etc. Solar panels work best when it has direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Next you will need to see if your country has any requirements to get special permits or building codes to have solar panels. Generally, if you are in the Unitied States, you should be fine. Also country outside the US, don’t really regulate on these DIY solar panels. Let’s move on with the solar panels how to build directions.

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Now back to the list of items you need. Note that most of these things you can find for relatively cheap or even free, so be aware of this before you go out and buy it.

Solar Panels How To Build

• The first thing is obvious in that you need solar cells to take energy from the sun to convert to energy. Contrary to popular belief, solar cells by themselves are not expensive. In fact, you can find many manufacturers of solar cells giving away their broken pieces because they might have broken while shipping it.\

o There are not broken in a sense that they do not work, it just won’t be a perfect square that you are normally seeing. It’s mainly just for aesthetic purposes.

• The next thing is some lumber to hold the solar cells. It will also act as a frame to support the solar cells. Again, if you want it to look really pretty, you can go and buy the lumber from a hardware store. But really, you don’t need the best type of plywood, you can just use scrap wood that holds its shape.

• Plexiglass will be needed to cover the solar cells and fit onto the lumber frame. This may have to be bought depending on if you can find the right size. You can always look for a bigger piece and cut it down to fit the frame.

• Screws to hold down some parts together.

• Silicone caulk used on the back of the solar cells. We will get more into this in more detail later on.

• A soldering iron along with wires. All the different solar cells will need to be linked together.

• Diode. An important component needed to be used with the solar cells.

• Jones plug. Another essential element to transfer the power from cells to electricity.

• Paint. You can paint the wood at this step, but it is again only for aesthetic purposes.

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