Renewable Electricity

Renewable electricity is only a renewable resource if it uses certain types of energy. These include solar energy, wind energy, tides and waves as water energy, biomass, and geothermal energy. Otherwise, if it is not using these types of energy, then the electricity is not renewable.

Solar energy uses the sun’s rays to turn that energy into electricity. It can also be used to heat up large tanks of water and act as a water heater. Or in turn, solar panels are used to power the water heater or other appliances in your home.

Wind energy is taken from wind turbines. Large wind turbines sit on hills and mountainous areas that catch a lot of wind. Once the blades of the wind turbine catch the wind, they will start spinning. The spinning motion in turn causes a generator or motor inside the turbine to turn thus producing renewable energy.

Hydro energy uses tides or waves to power the renewable resource. It can produce tons of renewable electricity. The crashing of the waves provides energy just as the raising and lowering of the tides that come every day.

Biomass and geothermal renewable energy is used, for example, from the methane that cows produce. This is then converted to a renewable resource that can be used.

Fossil fuels like oil, coal, and natural gas are not renewable resources of energy and it not renewable electricity. They should eventually be waned out. We can be independent from them and be self-sufficient on renewable energy. Nuclear fission is another way we can produce energy, but these are all finite amounts. Fuel, coal, oil, and gas will be eventually all used up and there will be no more.

But with renewable source of energy that can provide renewable electricity, these sources are infinite and will never run out. Hydro energy using tides, wind energy, geothermal and bio mass along with solar power all are regarded are renewable forms of energy. These are not finite forms of energy and can be used over and over again.

Do your part and contribute to help the Earth’s environment. You want to be able to leave this Earth for your children, your grand children, and their grand children. We do not need to be dependent on fossil fuels that not only harm the environment, but are very old and inefficient ways of using energy.

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