Hypermiling Tips

ways-to-reduce-carbon-footprintThese Hypermiling Tips are continued from the previous Hypermiling Techniques page.

Hypermiling Tips #2: Keep your Vehicle Well-Maintained

Pay attention to how your car runs and if it makes any funny sounds or noises. This can prevent further damage if you catch something early on. For example, if you can smell gas when you start your car it means that you have a bad fuel injector. Your car will still run and operate normally, but it won’t be as fuel-efficient as it could me.

An oxygen sensor, or O2 sensor, is a tiny little device that is already in your car. If it needs replacing, then it can suck away 40% more fuel then it really needs. An O2 sensor costs about a couple hundred dollars, but replacing it if it is bad can save you lots more fuel in the long run.

An air filter for your car filters out anything bad in the air before the engine sucks in the air to use. The car engine needs oxygen for combustion in order for it to work. The air filter should be replaced at least ever 3-4 months. There are washable air filters available that you can just rinse out, but you need to let them dry overnight before putting them back in. You can get 2 washable air filters and change them out while the other one dries. This is a cost effective way to replace your air filter every 3-4 months.

Nobody pays attention to their tires, but they are actually one of the most important aspects of your car and fuel efficiency. If a tire is flatter than it should be, it will use a lot more fuel to make it rotate. Make sure that tires are properly inflated once a month. Buy one of those tire pressure gauges for $3 at your auto store and make sure it matches with the PSI printed on the tire.

With your tires, you also want to check the wear and that the tires are not worn out. Also make sure to do tire rotations so that they wear evenly and last you longer. Besides having inflated tires and not worn out tires to help your fuel efficiency, it also makes you a safer driver on the road and less of a hazard to other drivers.

Hypermiling Tips #3: Remove Things from your Car to Make It Lighter

The heavier the car is, the more gas it’s going to use regardless of what speed you travel at. While there’s not much you can do to reduce the actual weight of the car itself, there are things you can remove to lighten up the car.

Sometimes we end up throwing things in the trunk of our car that sits there for weeks. I know I frequently use my trunk as a locker to put a bunch of my unused things in. Chances are, you have something in there that you don’t need, like a heavy tool box or 5 pairs of shoes.