Hypermiling Techniques

power4homeCheck out these Hypermiling Techniques below to instantly bump your MPG up to 10 MPG depending on how you are used to driving.

Hypermiling Techniques #1: Drive more Fuel Efficiently

Take a look at your driving habits when you are behind the wheel. Take an honest evaluation on how aggressive you drive and how often you put the pedal to the metal.

To be more fuel efficient, you need to stay at a constant speed as often as you can. Pay attention to whatever the posted speed limits are and keep it at the rate.

The reason freeways and highways have a speed limit of about 65 MPH Is because that is the most fuel efficient high speed. Anything higher causes your rotations per minute (RPM) to go up and your gas using to increase.

Slow down from time to time to go with the flow of traffic and make sure you don’t follow other vehicles in front of your too closely. The reason why is because when you hit the brakes to slow down, you will be decreasing your speed and going faster, then slower – even though you aren’t exceeding the posted speed limit.

If you like to weave in and out of lanes because you are in a hurry, you are actually wasting a lot of gas. If you notice other people do that and if you stay in the same lane, oftentimes you’ll be still in the same spot as them or even ahead of them. The truth is that you won’t be saving any time at all by weaving in and out of traffic like that.

Also when you stay at a constant speed, you are safer along with everyone else on the road. Just be sure to stay out of the blind spot of people in the lanes next to you. The blind spot is about halfway or three-quarters of the car next to you. If you can’t see the driver in the side mirror or rear view, it means that can’t see you. Don’t take the chance that they’ll switch lanes and not look either. It’s best to stay clear of their blind spot.

Try to avoid bottle neck areas that you know will be congested. The more you spend in traffic, the most gas is being wasted. Not to mention that it is really frustrating being stuck in traffic.

Hypermiling Techniques #2: Keep your Vehicle Well-Maintained

Simply put, cars that are not properly cared for end up using more gas than those that are well maintained. Also if you do preventative measures on your car, it will last you longer too.

Make sure to change your oil every 3,000 miles or 3 months — which ever comes first. This makes sure that your engine is using clean and efficient engine oil running the rotors and engine parts. Track when you change your oil so that you don’t miss an interval. Some oil changing places put stickers on the inside part of your windshield to remind you when to get it changed.

If you check your oil often, make sure that the oil levels are not low and that the color of the oil is not black. This will determine crucial things such as if you have an oil leak or if your oil needs changing right away.

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