How To Save Electricity

energy-efficient-lightbulbWe use electricity for everything in our lives and often we take for granted the use of electricity. Read this article on how to save electricity so that you can cut costs on your electricity bill.

The first thing is to cut back on the amount of lighting used throughout the day. During the day, simply open the curtains and use the natural sunlight and let it shine through your windows. Then you’ll only need to use lights on cloudy days or during the night time.

Sky lights are also very popular these days. This allows the sun to shine through the ceiling and also provide privacy since these are usually opaque windows. Notice that large businesses use sky lights in their buildings like Wal Mart to decrease the amount of lights used during the day.

If you want to install solar panels to generate electricity, check out this DIY solar panels guide to get you started. Place the solar panels on the roof to collect the most amount of sunlight.

The use of a porch light left on is a big waste of electricity. Home improvement stores like Home Depot or Orchard Supply Hardware now sell solar lights that you can use on your porch. These lights collect power during the day which can be used at night time. There are also decorative lights that use power-saving LED lights with the same solar panels.

A better alternative is to have a motion sensor light that uses solar power and LED lights. These will save you tons of money in electricity costs because it will only be turned on when it’s needed and collects energy from the sun. Also LED lights are just as bright as regular lights but use less electricity. You may have noticed that some cars use LED headlights because of the same reason and also because they can be brighter at times.

When you have electronics in standby mode, it is also drawing electricity. You may not know this, but all electronics draw power even when they appear to be turned off. Notice your TV may have a red LED light indicating that it is off and it turns green when you turn it on. Even when the TV is off, it still draws power. What you can do is connect it to a surge protector and turn off the TV from the switch on the surge protector. This may be a pain to do every single time, but at least do it when you are on vacation since nobody will be home anyway.