How To Be Frugal | Save Recurring Costs On Electricity Bills

The best way to learn how to be frugal is to cut costs. You want to cut the costs that are recurring every month. This means bills that pile up every month andhow-to-be-frugal month after month. Those are the ones that really add up. If you think about it, $150 a month on electricity may not seem that much for one month. But if you add up the number of months and years you stay there, it can add up to over $200,000! Now does that seem like a lot? Of course it does! Think of all that you can buy with $200,000! A new house, a boat, a few new cars, anything that you want! All you have to do is learn how to be frugal and cut those recurring costs.

How To Be Frugal
Electricity bills are one of those annoying recurring costs where you want to apply the strategy of how to be frugal. It’s something that you cannot live without, so there’s no way of completely cutting out the use of it. But what you can do is cut it from the source or root of the problem.

What if you could tell the electricity company, “I don’t need you anymore, I have something that gives me electricity for free.” That would be awesome. The solution is renewable energy like solar and wind power. You’ve heard of using the earth’s renewable energy like solar panels and wind turbines, but you’ve didn’t think it was possible because of how much it costs. Solar panels can run from $1,000 to $10,000 and more, just for the installation! That’s a lot of money to throw down on one payment.

But now with the lower costs of supplies, you can do it yourself for a fraction of the cost. You can buy supplies from your local Home Depot or Lowes hardware store and build your own solar panels for $200! You don’t need any technical knowledge or experience, just following step-by-step diagrams to build it. That is the ultimate solution to how to be frugal.

How to be frugal

If you can cut your electricity bill in half, or even completely eliminate the need for your electric company, you will be independent and won’t need to rely on your electric company. For under $200, buying the supplies and putting it together will save you tons of money in the long run. That $200 will pay for itself in just a couple of months! If you have a few of these build, you can pay for everything for itself in just 2 years!

The best benefits besides saving money is that, this project is easy to do with step-by-step diagrams and fun as well! You’ll no longer be a slave to the electric company and keep writing checks for them for doing nothing!

In these economic times, it’s important to learn how to be frugal.

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