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green-energy-ohioWith the nonprofit organization, Green Energy Ohio, the state of Ohio leads the forefront in the environmental revolution age of the nation. Green Energy Ohio is a “nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting environmentally sustainable energy policies and practices in Ohio.” fully supports such organizations that educate the public about using renewable energy and being self-sufficient. Ohioans are the trailblazers who are dedicated to using sustainable energy such as solar power, wind power, and low-impact hydro power. Green Energy Ohioans are adopting small-scale wind power for residential and commercial sites.

Green Energy Ohio, also know as GEO, has helped to be the broker between the state’s renewable energy manufacturers and providers together.

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Solar power is being educated by Green Energy Ohio as three types: Photovoltaics (PV), Solor water heating, and passive solar heating.

Green Energy Ohio says that PV solar cells are the ones used most often and what is generally referred to as “solar panels” or “solar cells.” These are converted with an inverter into electricity that can be used.

Solar water heating uses the same concept but it used to heat up your water instead of gas. It uses heat-transfer fluid in collectors.

According to Green Energy Ohio, passive solar heating is when buildings are designed to incorporate design functions to have large south-facing windows. Also using materials to absorb and slowly release the sun’s heat.

Fortunately there are solar electric incentives available in Ohio included in DSIRE: The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency. Check out this page about DSIRE for more information.

Did you know that if solar panels covered at least one half of the state of Ohio, the electricity converted from the sun’s rays could supply Ohio’s yearly residential electricity load? For a whole year, imagine having your electricity bill paid for, year after year after year – for the rest of your life.

Click Here to Find Out More About Green Energy Ohio and How To Build Solar Panels

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