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The following product has received more great reviews than any other guide from a huge number of members in the Green community, I recommend that you check it out:

Best Overall Do-It-Yourself Energy Guide – Green DIY Energy
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I strongly recommend that you check out The Green DIY Energy Guide. (Use this Exclusive link to get 50% Off). What I love about this guide is that it contains comprehensive instructions and video guides AND how to make a solar panel for under $98, plus electrical wiring guide, beginners guide, installation and mounting guide, solar tax rebate and credit guide and more. Also it is regularly updated, because profits go into R&D and development. This is the best all around Do-It-Yourself Energy Guide.greendiyenergy

I have no doubt that anyone who purchases the Green DIY Energy Guide will find exactly what they are looking for inside.

It is utterly comprehensive and covers every aspect of solar panel building. The biggest deciding factor for me were the over hour-long video library that was included. This gave me step-by-step the exact process. I had to pause it a few times to catch up, but it’s so much better than just diagrams.

I’ve tried some other products that simply give you diagrams, but I must say, the videos were the reason why Green DIY Energy was hands-down the winner when I did the GreenDIYEnergy Review.
In the example where GreenDIYEnergy built a $98 solar panel, I actually took up that challenge and found the materials for a lot less! I went to Home Depot and some of the stuff was actually on sale. My total came up to $86.23 for a home made solar panel.

Why buy from other guys which merely have just designs when this one has EVERYTHING you need to know including videos all in one place? And it is kept up to date because some of the profits are used for research and development for updates.

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Here’s a rundown of what you’ll get with Green DIY Energy Package:

• Solar Panel Systems DIY Guide
• The “$98 Solar Panel” Guide
• “Solar Energy Bundle”
• Electrical Wiring Plans for Solar Panels
• Installing and Mounting Solar Panels Guide
• Energy Consumer Guide
• Solar Tax Credits and Rebates
• “Video Library”
• Build Your Own Wind Turbine
• The $140 Wind Turbine

Here’s why you should get the Green DIY Energy Guide:

• Over 4,000 are sold each month so you know that it works
• You save thousands of dollars over retail manufacturing companies
• Reduce your carbon footprint and go green
• You can cut your energy bills in half or stop getting them
• It’s fun to build things and show your family and friends what you created

My advice is that if you truly want to save money and the environment with solar panels, or even if you just want lower your monthly electric bill, then this is the guide you should get.


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