Gas Saving Devices

ways-to-reduce-carbon-footprintWith gas prices increasing every year, there are plenty of gas saving devices on the market today. We’ll be going over each of the popular gas saving devices on the market available at Pepboys or Kraegen and let you know if it actually works or if it’s a scam.

Gas Saving Devices #1: Oil and Fuel additives.
You may have seen these oil and fuel additives that you add to your gas tank or oil resevoir before pumping up or changing your oil. They claim to clean your engine of deposits and your gas tank of deposits that build up over time.

Most of these additives include such chemicals such as tin, magnesium, and platinum. These are the ingrediants that the marketers claim will help remove compounds that settles in the bottom of your gas tank. Be wary of additives that contain acetone because it can damage any plastic parts in your fuel system.

It hasn’t been proven that these additives help cut back on the cost of gas and you’re taking a risk adding these. In fact, the natural ingredients in gasoline when you fill up do the same thing without you having to do anything. There is no need to pay extra for something that is taken care of when you pump gas anyway.

Oil additives may be a risk also because it could change the grade of your oil. It’s important to use the correct grade of motor oil for your car to get the best fuel mileage.

Gas Saving Devices #2: Magnetic Devices
These magnetic devices stay on your fuel line and they supposedly change the molecular structure of the gasoline so that it burns more efficiently. It claims to ionize the fuel so that your gas mileage increases.

The show on the Discovery Channel: MythBusters did a segment on these and proved that the magnetic devices didn’t do a thing. Your best bet is to skip this type of gas saving device and use your money for something gelse.

Gas Saving Devices #3: Air Injection products
There is this product called the vortex that goes inside your air injection tube of your car to make the air spin faster. It goes in between the air filter and engine. This is actually dangerous for your car because that vortex device can actually block the air that your engine needs. It’s very harmful for your car’s engine.

Your engine needs oxygen to burn the fuel to run the rotors. The way the air injection system comes from your car manufacturer’s factory is the best way it can be designed. Car companies put millions of dollars into the design of these cars including the engine, so they definitely would have thought of something like the vortex if it really worked.

Your best bet it to change your air filter often instead of falling for these gimmicks that claims to bring more air to your engine.

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