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how-to-be-frugalWe went over the gas saving devices which are scams and that you should avoid. Now here are the gas saving device that will actually work and is not a gimmick for marketers to make a quick buck.

The first two examples are not necessarily a gas saving device, but it can save you gas and money.

Gas Saving Device Tip #1: Turn off the air conditioning at certain times. Air conditioning running all the time will make your engine work harder and thus will use up a little more gas. Especially if you’re going uphill, turn off your air conditioning

Gas Saving Device Tip #2: This one also goes hand in hand with hypermilling (see hypermilling tips and hypermilling techniques), but lowering your gear, shifting into a lower gear, or reducing your speed can also determine how your engine uses gasoline. See the hypermilling articles to learn more about how your driving behavior can determine how often you pay at the pump.

Gas Saving Device Tip $3: Change your O2 Sensor
It may be time to change the Oxygen sensor in your car. This tiny little device is really inexpensive and determines the mix of fuel and oxygen needed to run your engine. If the device is old, it will use too much gasoline and waste it without you even knowing. It won’t prevent your car from operating. But it won’t be operating at it’s peak maximum efficiency.

Gas Saving Device Tip #4: Keep your car properly maintained
To add to the previous tip, if you have your car properly maintained, your ensure that it’s running at it’s best performance. Change your oil every 3,000 miles and be sure to change the oil filter, air filter, and fuel filter.

Gas Saving Device Tip #5: Keep tires will inflated and rotated often.
With properly inflated tires, you can add even 5 MPG to your mileage efficiency depending on how badly inflated your tires are. Rotate them often so that they wear evenly and then you won’t need to change them so often.

Notice that these 5 tips never gave a actual device that you can go and buy. The truth is that 95% of the gas saving devices out there on the market don’t live up to their claims. The experts say that they don’t make a big enough difference to justify purchasing them. Keep this in mind when you are at the car shop and see a gas saving device such as fuel additives, air injection devices, etc.

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