DIY Solar Panels

solar-panels-how-to-buildLooking at those DIY Solar Panels guides on the Internet, I was afraid of two things: getting ripped off and if the solar panels would be too hard to make.

Out of all the DIY solar panel guides, most of them had some sort of guarantee that said they would give a money-back guarantee if you didn’t like it. They offered 60 days to return it and I was pretty impressed by the length of the days. It’s one thing to say it, but do they actually honor it? So I looked up reviews and what people had to say.

I tried staying away from those sites that were merely selling the product. I wanted a neutral perspective.

So it seems like they do honor that guarantee and there weren’t very many people returning the guides. That was a good sign. There didn’t seem to many unhappy campers. The ones that I did find, they claimed that some of these guides were scams but they eventually got their money back. I even looked at those review sites that start off with “Product name is a SCAM?” Don’t bother wasting your time reading those.

The second issue that was in the back of my mind was if the DIY solar panels would be too hard to make. I don’t have any technical knowledge of any kind and that would be one thing I’d be worried about. I didn’t graduate college with any special degree like electrical engineering or anything like that. In fact, I work in social services and that’s the farthest thing from technical.

I wanted to be sure that I would be able to make the DIY solar panels myself. Although the sales pages of these guides said that anyone could do it, they didn’t really know me at all, so I couldn’t really believe them. Plus the fact that they were trying to sell something, didn’t help. I needed an unbiased point of view.

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Again, I hopped on the Internet and searched for sites like this one that gave a full view of all the products. I stayed away from the ones that sounded too sales-y. I watched some videos and saw with my own eyes how it was completed and it honestly didn’t look too hard.

But I was still worried, what if I messed something up? What if I didn’t know how to wire the electricity? So I talked to some people in an online forum that I regularly visit. Some have heard of these DIY solar panels projects and some have even bought it.

I even made a post on this forum to get the opinion of these people in the green forums. Although they were strangers, I trusted their opinions more than a sales page, which told me that it would work. Collectively they told me that it worked for them and it’s a great way to get started building your own DIY solar panels. They even gave me some recommendations on the best one to get.

I didn’t take everything they said for face value. I did my own research and found out the best DIY solar panels guide.

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