DIY Green Energy

Hi everyone,

I set up this website to help people find DIY Green Energy so that they can power their homes for much less expensive than what their electric and gas company charges. This includes DIY Solar Energy and DIY Wind Energy.

You’ll find numerous how-to guides, tips, tricks, and resources designed to help you lower your monthly energy bill, and at the same time be green to the earth for the generations ahead.

First of all, here is a quick rundown on the different types of renewable sources of DIY green energy:

There are several renewable sources of DIY green energy that you can harness at home to lower and reduce energy bills. If your electric and gas bills are too high because of appliances, lighting, heating, and air conditioning, looking into renewable sources of energy may be key to dropping those prices down.

Also if you are looking to be green and help save the environment, changing your habits to using renewable sources of DIY green energy can help clean up the global economy and save the Earth.

The two best renewable sources of energy are DIY solar energy and wind power. These can be easily generated from the natural earth into reusable energy to power all of your home devices such as refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, ovens, and computers. It is the easiest and cheapest renewable energy.

One of the things you may have come to this site to look for is how-to guides on making your own electricity and get off the power grid.

By getting of the electric company’s power grid, you are no longer under their grip to purchase electricity from them. Instead you can create your own solar panels and wind turbines to generate electricity at home. You can even sell back the power to the electric company and make money off of them.

That’s one of the places where this website comes in handy. You’ll find out secrets on how to get off the power grid and advice with designs on how to build your own solar panels with DIY green energy.

Here’s a great all around guide to make homemade energy at home:

Home Made Energy Guide

It’s a fantastic site that has step-by-step designs on how to build you own power generators and has everything to do with DIY green energy and renewable electricity such as solar energy for home and wind energy for homes.

Anyway, back to my synopsis on what renewable energy is all about…

When it comes to home power, the best choices for DIY green energy are:

1.    Solar panels for electricity
2.    Wind energy generation

There are 7 benefits to use DIY green energy such as solar and wind:

•    Saving money on electric bills
•    Helping the environment
•    Having a lot of fun building your own power systems
•    Being able to go completely off-grid
•    Make the electric company pay you
•    Protect your pocket book during these recession times
•    You’ll feel good because you’re doing something great!

Green DIY Energy

Are you spending too much money on your electricity bill?

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